StorTrak - Manage your Self-Storage business with a graphical view of your facility
GateKeeper - Control your entry gate with password access
NowShowing - Print and sell tickets at a multi-screen theater

PremieTrak - A hospital database application for the Maternity ward
SWATWatch - A database application for Law Enforcement agencies

FaceArt - Fold your face, for fun!
CircleArt - Create amazing animated artwork with circles
LightWand - Control a bar of LEDs from the parallel port
DigiTrain - A model train set for your PC
RoboGraph - An initial foray into robotics

MathDrill - A flashcard drill on math problems YOU specify

ColorSelect - Create your own colors, for GUI and Web programming
StripRipper - Calculate rip yields from lumber
MSI Test - Testing packaging and deployment with included system files
ODBC Test - Testing online databases